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A crown is used to restore a tooth that has been damaged either by decay or accident and when a filling is not a suitable option.

What is a crown?

A crown is a cap that is placed over a damaged tooth after it has been prepared. It restores the strength of the tooth and gives it a natural shape that fits in with the surrounding teeth.

How is a crown placed?

The tooth will be prepared to receive the crown, impressions will be taken and the crown colour-matched so that it blends in well with your other teeth. A temporary cover is put in place until the crown is ready. Your final crown is then checked for fit and colour by your dentist before it is then cemented in place.

When might I need a crown?

  • When a filling is not an adequate restoration
  • After a root filling to strengthen the tooth
  • To hold a bridge or denture in place
  • To improve the appearance of a discoloured tooth

What materials are used to make a crown?

There are number of different options when it comes to choosing a crown, including porcelain bonded to precious metal, gold, porcelain and all ceramic.

Gold crowns are known for their hardwearing properties. All ceramic crowns provide a metal-free alternative which offers a combination of durability and the natural appearance of a porcelain crown. Ceramic crowns can be used in all areas of the mouth.

Porcelain bonded to precious metal is a popular choice and porcelain only crowns have the most natural appearance that is most suitable for front teeth.

Is having a crown placed painful?

A local anaesthetic is used to numb the area so that you will feel comfortable while the tooth is being prepared. It should not feel any different to a filling.

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